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Pam Casey


I'm a professional English teacher who has taught over 20,000 students from over 30 different countries in over 20 years. I've successfully coached all kinds of students: high school students for exams and business executives for presentations. 


I'm also an Australian woman living in Japan with a Japanese husband and child, so cross-cultural communication is my everyday life!

- Owner of 4 English school businesses in Japan

- Director of Studies (DoS) at an English School in Australia

- Graduate Certificate in TESOL, Certificate in TESOL + BA in Asia/Pacific Culture - - - - Cambridge FCE & CAE Examiner

NEO English

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About NEO
(English for University)

Struggling to enter and/or study at University abroad? Let us help! We teach both the English and the academic techniques you need.  Quick and Practical lessons make it easy to start - and to succeed!  

  • Only ~20min study per day

  • Preparation for tests like IELTS & PTE

  • All-inclusive study for Techniques to graduate University

NEO textbook
NEO textbook
NEO textbook
NEO textbook
NEO textbook


About English for University
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Testimonial 1

The skills I'm learning at NEO are saving me from failing several subjects!  I am a college student and the support of this study is extremely helpful.

- Alejandro

From Spain

NEO English testimonial 3

I believe I got an Australian permanent visa because of my study with Pam.  It helped me get a higher PTE score, and I still use what I learnt in my job writing reports & giving presentations.

- Shoko

From Japan

Testimonial 1

I wanted to move to USA but I couldn't get a work visa. Going to Community College on student visa was fast way, so when I found this course will teach me what I needed for that, I was so happy! 

- Michelle

From Hong Kong


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