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About the Starter Program

20-min-a-day Core Units*

+ Video Lessons

+ Apps / AI Tools 

+ Weekly Tests

+ & more...

Live Lessons**

Community (with Teacher & Classmates)

Special Study Events

*   Details in the video below 'Starter Program: English for University'.
**  Use what you learn in Live Lessons, by talking with your teacher & classmates all over the world.

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NEO textbook
NEO textbook
NEO textbook
NEO textbook
NEO textbook
NEO textbook
Testimonial 1 for NEO English

Ayaat (Jordan)

I'm an engineer. I didn't enjoy studying English before, but talking to people from other countries in this course is motivating me.  I am learning not just English, but skills for my future postgraduate study... and for life.

Testimonial 2 for NEO English

Fanni (Hungary)

I wanted to study in the UK, but I was not sure I am ready. But since I learned with Pam, big confidence pushed me more. Thanks! 


Starter Program Overview

Recommended English level

A2 - B1 (CEFR level)

general knowledge at Middle School level+

Targets & Goals

IELTS 5.5 or PTE 36

taking the first step towards technical college OR University 

handle work tasks such as business meetings & email communication

NEO English level 1 flow

Weekly Flow for Starter Program

NEO English level 1 flow input

Understand the target techniques through video, downloadable materials.



Expand your understanding of the techniques through subtitled Video Lectures.

NEO English level 1 flow comprehension


NEO English level 1 flow acquisition


Master the techniques through Practical Training with various learning  activities & AI tools.



Perform the mastered technique at a live lesson and a test.   Review feedback to confirm your mastery.

NEO English level 1 flow output


​Every lesson is Quick & Practical

Start anytime   Separate weekly learning units, so you can join the program anytime.

On-the-Go Learning  Only ~20 minutes study a day, accessible anywhere, anytime.

Professional   Experienced teacher,  Carefully selected Materials, Goal-oriented Programs, Secure Study Platfrom  

Academic English Curriculum for NEO English

Starter Program 2023: Curriculum Overview

Academic English Curriculum for NEO English
NEO English risk free

Cancel any month!

If you aren't happy with our programs, just cancel anytime from your profile, and that will be your last payment cycle.  But if there's anything we can do to improve your experience, please tell us.  We want to help you.  And we want you to be happy!

FAQ for NEO English

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