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+ IELTS & PTE Study

~ 20min a day ~

What you need for University

What you need for University

an English Exam

A good score on an English Test like IELTS, PTE or TOEFL makes entering University possible.


Performing well in Writting (eg reports & essays), Speaking (eg presentations & discussions) makes IELTS & PTE, and University tasks possible.

a high GPA

A high GPA (Grade Point Average) makes it easier to get your dream job.

With us, You'll learn it in only 20min a day

IELTS & PTE test Preparation

Academic Grammar, Vocabulary and Language Skills

Writing skills for University Assignments

Techniques for Presentations & Discussions

General English

Quick & Practical Programs

Quick & Practical Programs



Only ~20 minutes of study per day.  No Stress! 



Video lessons + Learning Apps + Live Lessons + Expert Teacher + Community and more.



Join Live Lessons!  Discuss what you learn with your teacher and classmates from all over the world.



All online.  Anywhere, anytime, on your phone, as you want.

Carefully selected


Carefully researched and selected learning materials and tools. Save your time. 



Get coached by a professional teacher. Set goals & achieve them with 1-to-1 support.  (Extra)

NEO textbook
NEO textbook
NEO textbook
NEO textbook
NEO textbook


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Testimonials 1

The skills I'm learning at NEO are saving me from failing several subjects!  I am a college student and the support of this study is extremely helpful.

- Alejandro

From Spain

NEO English testimonial 3

I believe I got an Australian permanent visa because of my study with Pam.  It helped me get a higher PTE score, and I still use what I learnt in my job writing reports & giving presentations.

- Shoko

From Japan

Testimonials 3

I wanted to move to USA but I couldn't get a work visa. Going to Community College on student visa was fast way, so when I found this course will teach me what I needed for that, I was so happy! 

- Michelle

From Hong Kong

Check 6-min study YouTube

NEO YouTube page

Our Programs 

Level 1 for University

Want foundation skills?

Starter Program

Level 2 for University

Want to advance?

Growth Program

Private course

Need coaching?

VIP Package
*up to 10 seats per month

Contact for NEO English

Contact Us

Feel free to ask me any questions. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

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